It’s been an amazing first week in Arizona! I am so thankful! It’s my word for 2015.


532. Got an extra day off due to a technical difficulty. Woohoo!

533. Biked to Papago (pronounced papa-go) Park to see the famous hole in the rock formation. Very cool.

534. Everything is unpacked and put away and the maintenance guys came and fixed the three things that needed fixing. Woohoo!


535. I get to drive opposite of rush hour traffic to go to the new hospital.

536. Saw my first hummingbird. Prairie dogs. Quail. And a rabbit stampede.

537. The nurse manager never got confirmation of my arrival so she was super surprised to see me and thankfully very happy as well considering I drove 2500 miles to get here!


538. I have internet again!

539. They have Starbucks in the lobby! And a cafeteria with actual tasty food! So far, everyone has been very nice.

540. Saw a river/canal with actual water flowing in it.


541. Establishing a new routine.

542. Finishing all 53 online inservices in 2 days. Getting my badge to open doors.

543. Being on a shift that matches my internal clock.


544. Saw my first haboob (dust storm)!!!

545. People here think a thunderstorm is a monsoon. Hahahaha!

546. Got to meet my newest baby cousin Riley Emmerson Mader AND reunite with her sweet and gracious mama, Jessica!


547. Free bus ride to the airport leading to a free sky train ride to the light rail which is only 1 mile from my new home.

548. Affordable car rentals thanks to Priceline and USAA.

549. Bird feeders and baths and a patio to put them on.


550. Riding in a new city. Along a canal. Downtown.

551. Figuring out how to incorporate my bike riding into my day by discovering a shower at work and a train I can take at the end of the day.

552. Discovering a church on my bike ride this morning. Not too big. Not too small. Just right. Just like the Lord knew what I was looking for. Because he knew. Because he is so good!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Your first week in Arizona sounds amazing! It’s a beautiful state, and we have enjoyed our many vacations there. And I just love how God *happened* to show you that church. Yup, He really does have everything covered!!


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