After a very long, yet thoroughly enjoyable week of travel, we have arrived safely in Phoenix. Despite the incident on I-10 in Baton Rouge. Despite the general crankiness that comes from being stupid tired. I am thankful. It’s my word for 2015.


511. Sunrise in Gainesville.

512. #2 invited #1 to church last night. #1 reluctantly said yes. It’s the 3rd time this week he’s hearing the Gospel from people he doesn’t know!!

513. The Hound of Heaven is faithfully pursuing my #1 favorite son right in front of my eyes. I am overcome with gratitude!


514. Starbucks at the end of a bike ride is good positive reinforcement.

515. Discovering Pike Place coffee. Mmmmm coffee.

516. An afternoon at the museum, pet store, and off the beaten path burger joint with my 2 most favorite people on earth.


517. Made it safely to New Orleans.

518. Laughing so hard I nearly drowned in root beer. Don’t even care about the coughing that lasted for 3 hours.

519. Our adopted kitties are getting used to us. Suzie is already at home. Abby is still being cautious.


520. Walking around the French Quarter.

521. Seeing the Mississippi River above me.

522. Beignets are yummy.


523. We didn’t die in a fiery truck crash when I ran into the tire in the middle of I-10. Praying for mercy for the damage which is minor considering.

524. West Texas is. Beautiful.

525. We managed to navigate one of the darkest stretches of I-10 in west Texas, without #1son completely losing his mind, to make it to Van Horn to stop for the night which was just 4.5 hours.


526. Waking up to a breathtaking view of west Texas surrounded by mountains and old railroad tracks and plant life I’ve never seen before.

527. A most unexpected drive through a border patrol checkpoint considering we never crossed any national border and seeing Mexico from the road as we passed through El Paso Texas.

528. Arriving safely to our destination and being able to muster one last ounce of energy to unload the truck in just an hour without incident or injury.


529. The new apartment is as enormous as I was expecting it to be from the tiny graphic.

530. Abby is finally eating again after barely eating for 3 days. Suzie is eating everything in sight as if she never left Gainesville. GustaferGPig travels like a boss.

531. Finding out I don’t have to report at the new job until 10am is awesome. Gives me more time to rest and recover from Trucklag and gaining 3 hours in my day.

HAppy Sunday