0500//After a 90 point turn, I was able to maneuver the truck out of the parking lot into the drive to load up. Coaxing the kitties out from under the bed to get in the crate proved to be more challenging without #2son. 

0540// Goodbye New Orleans. Thanks for some fun memories. 

0730// Approaching Baton Rouge I hit a tire in the middle of the interstate. Minor damage sustained. Nerves frazzled being stuck on a high speed road as TheCaptain repaired the damage. Thankfully no one was injured. No major accident. God is good. Road ranger came along to offer assistance. 

0830// 125 miles to the Texas border. TheCaptain is driving. My nerves are settling. Lord have mercy on our travels. 

1035// I always thought it would be fun to be a long haul truck driver. I think I’ve changed my mind. It’s scary out here. Just passed a tow truck towing another tow truck that was sliding side to side like a carnival ride. Between the near miss from earlier, the coffee, and the breakfast sandwich, my guts nearly exploded. 7 miles from Texas. 

1500// Texas. Where everything is bigger. The land. The sky. The cities. The price of gas is low because. Well. Texas. Black gold. Texas tea. TheCaptain has been driving since 1100 and we aren’t halfway through!

1645// San Antonio. RoadWarriorsLaw//when driving on a long distance road trip, it stands to reason you will encounter at least one major metropolitan area during rush hour. Thus says TheCaptain. 

1800//Deer jumped across I-10. Had spots and an enormous rack of antlers. He made it safely to the other side. 

2100//Ozona Texas. We’re finally more than halfway through Texas. West Texas is super pretty. Even TheCaptain  thinks so. Just beware the truck stops. They look really nice. They smell okay. But the restrooms are yucky. Seeing oil derricks now. Waiting to enter mountain time. Soon. 

0000//Can’t. Drive. One. More. Mile. Was surprised to discover the interstate in west Texas is as dark as any road in Haiti. And nearly as sketchy. No markings. No reflectors. TheCaptain doesn’t like Texas again. 

0745//Trying to get gas in this truck has been less than enjoyable. It has a faulty valve. We’re about to head out for the last leg. 547 miles to our new home in Phoenix! The current view is stunning. We’re surrounded by the Guadalupe mountains. In Texas!

0655//Just entered mountain time zone. Instantly earlier than the last entry. Haha!

0950// Just passed over the Rio Grande. 377 miles to go until we arrive in the new home. Seeing into Mexico makes me wish the borders were open for them. 

1015// Just had to pass through an immigration and border patrol checkpoint in New Mexico! We didn’t cross any border. ??? 355 miles to Phoenix. 

1055// TheCaptain says he will never use I-10 again. He’s still frazzled. 

1115// Crossed the continental divide!

1150// ARIZONA!!! 228 miles to go. 

1230// Sure hope we stop talking like Arizona Cowboys soon. 200 miles to go. The craziness has become no joke. 

2030// Officially the longest trip of my life so far. It’s HOT. Really. Really. Hot. TheCaptain has reached the end of his rope. He is impressed by all the pretty Hispanic girls. 

This officially ends CoCaptainsLog. 

Thank you Jesus for getting us across the country mostly unscathed!