0600 // Trucklag has set in. One hour time difference. Awake at 0430. 

0630 // Breakfast is served. Best line heard = It’s better to be seen than viewed. I concur. 

1227 // New Orleans. NOLA. The Big Easy. Nawlins. The City That Care Forgot. TheCaptain and I are strolling through the French Quarter. Taking in the local color. Climbing up steps to see the Mississippi River sitting above the city. Shopping at the French Market. Enjoying jambalya and poboys and beignets. While melting in the Louisiana midsummer heat. On a search for the perfect cemetery. 

1300 // Handed half my poboy to a homeless fella. He said a very enthusiastic thank you and dug into the sandwich vigorously. TheCaptain was pleased with my donation. 

1330 // Kids on the street playing percussion on buckets while tap dancing with coke cans for taps. A great way to make money by donations I think. 

1515 // I think I may be melting. It is hotter here than in south Florida. Now I understand why folks move slower in the Deep South.

1600 // After some debating, I convinced TheCaptain to go for a bike ride around the garden district to see the Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. Even though the gates were closed at 1430. Even though it is still scorching. Even though we walked a bazillion miles today. 

1700 // We wrapped up our short visit to New Orleans by riding on Tchoupitoulas St. Love that name! I know how to say it thanks to watching one of the best action movies of the 80s, The Big Easy, starring Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin. 

Happy Thursday!