0815 // Leaving Gainesville. Hello. Hello. I don’t know why you say goodbye. I say hello. 534 miles to New Orleans. 

0900 // Making the first pit stop due to Suzie having an accident in the crate. Was hoping the pungent aroma was coming from cattle in a field. Alas it was not. 487 miles to New Orleans. 

1100 // Just passed a sign that announced we are entering Central Time Zone! Haha! Read up on the history of time zones on Wikipedia. TheCaptain is impressed with my reading skills. Said I’m as good as books on tape. Stopped for gas and saw a Vietnam vet with a camper towing a smart car. He’s a double amputee wearing rainbow tie die prosthetic legs! A war hero AND a fashionista! 312 miles to New Orleans. 

1400 // Just crossed into Alabama. Almost missed the photo op when TheCaptain erupted into a fairly spontaneous rendition of Oklahoma causing me to inhale diet root beer 10 miles from the state line. I wonder if there are any documented cases of root beer pneumonia? 182 miles to New Orleans. 

1525 // Passed into Mississippi without incident. Praise the Lord.  118 miles to New Orleans. 

1800 // Arrived at our New Orleans destination. Everyone is out of the truck. Ensconced in a beautiful old world hotel on St Charles St. In the historic Garden District. Suzie is happy. It’s like she’s known us all her life. Abby won’t come out from under the bed. Hopefully tomorrow. GustaferGPig is as happy as a pig in a box. It’s his hotel box. With hay. And pellets. And water bottle. Tomorrow we explore New Orleans. 

CoCaptain signing off. Happy Wednesday!