0800 // This is day 3 of a 3 day pit stop in Gainesville with #2. I refuse to thnk about saying so long to him tomorrow morning. I don’t want to be sad. I don’t think I should be sad because we will see each other again. This is temporary. He has a big exciting year ahead of him. And so do me and #1. And. We’ve already been living miles apart. We’ve been practicing for years now. So NO sadness. Okay. I’m in denial. Maybe a wee bit of sadness. Tomorrow. Not. Today. 

We are 337 miles from where we started on a 2359 mile journey. I was tempted to sing 99 bottle is beer on the wall, but that might have driven TheCaptain over the edge. He’s easily driven over the edge. Haha. 

Happy Tuesday!