It’s 5am. I’ve been awake since just before 4am. This is the way it’s been for days now. It’s insomnia. But it’s the best kind of insomnia. It’s the kind that comes with a new adventure. It’s small child at Christmas waiting for Santa insomnia.

Today, I’m making the best use of my insomnia by packing stuff. #1 is out for the night with his friends. Celebrating. Saying goodbye. Crying. He’s already cried a couple of times. He hates saying goodbye. I hate saying goodbye.

Things I will miss :

  • Friends. I’ve made some good ones here.
  • The beach.
  • Sunrise over the Atlantic.
  • Thunderstorms.

We leave in 3 days. If you think of us, say a prayer for safety. For traveling mercy. We’ve had a few mishaps over the last week. It seems like you know who really doesn’t want us to go to Arizona. God must have something really big for us there.

Happy Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “July_15

    • I will miss you too Barbara. When you go to Kilwin’s, have an ice cream for me. I want to come see you in Nicaragua when you go back again. I’ll be in need of jungles and humidity. ❤️

  1. There are always *mishaps* when we launch out on God’s will. But I know that He is bringing you to just where He wants you to be. Prayers for an easy and uneventful trip, and for “you know who” to take a back seat…


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