Stuff I’m thinking about today :

  • I tend to turn people, family, coworkers into enemies, people out to get me, get in my way, foil my plans. I also tend to exaggerate things, blow things up, make mountains out of molehills. Enemies? Really? I know what an enemy looks like and I believe I can safely say I do not have any human enemies. The devil on the other hand.
  • I’m going to fit in better in Arizona than Florida. Why? Because I’m like a cactus, tender on the inside, tough and prickly on the outside, with a sense of humor as dry as the desert. 😜
  • Grey’s Anatomy is ridiculously dramatic. So is House. As medical shows go, they are barely accurate. Don’t judge me for sinning differently than you.
  • I’m getting so excited for the big move, my head might explode.
  • If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m easily excited, saddened, angered, fearful, fearless, and all my emotions make my head want to explode.
  • I turn the thermostat up when my favorite #1 son isn’t looking. I like to mess with his head. Plus it’s too cold in this house.

Happy Tuesday/last day of June!


2 thoughts on “June_30

  1. I have spent my whole life being told that I’m *too sensitive* and *too emotional*. Hey, it’s just me. So I say, be a cactus if that’s what you are – for even cacti have the most beautiful flowers!!

    Excited for the move – I think you’re going to love Arizona. It’s a state full of some really beautiful places. And, love the thermostat thing. My youngest son likes his apartment to be as cold as an igloo. When I stay with him, because it’s his apartment, I don’t change the temp. But honestly, blankets during the summer???


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