Stuff I’m thinking about today :

  • I was sad to hear the story of a plastic surgeon who stopped doing charitable reconstructive breast surgery because he was the only one in this area who was doing it and didn’t think it was fair to him? What about the ladies??? I don’t understand the depth of this logic at all?
  • That being said, I will begin volunteering again this year. I heard about an organization in the USA that offers free medical care clinics in poor neighborhoods all around the country. It’s time to share the love of Jesus in the best way I know how, by being his hands and feet.
  • When it comes to political hot topics such as gay marriage, it’s easy to voice an opinion. When you are not personally effected by a political hot topic it’s easy to say what you think. The Lord says marriage is between a man and a woman. I believe the Lord’s word is true. But truth isn’t easy. I believe all people want to be loved unconditionally and have families of their own to care for them, to be there through sickness and health regardless of whether I agree or disagree with their choices. I also believe that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. If you think you are less lost than any other person because of your race, sex, religion or sexual preferences, then you are fooling yourself. Jesus said love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength AND love you neighbor as yourself. Who is your neighbor? When it comes to political hot topics, the answers are not so black and white. It’s really easy to say you’re right and they’re wrong, it’s harder to choose to love people despite whether you think they’re right or wrong. And when I want God to bring down the hammer on something I think is wrong I better be prepared for his hammer to fall on me as well. Justice or mercy? I want God to be merciful to us all because we’re all wrong. Only Jesus is right.
  • I put a deposit on an apartment in Phoenix! Woohoo! It’s kind of far from the hospital I’ll be working at, but my cousin lives close to the hospital AND I will know one person in the OR because he “just happened” to work in my OR this past year. I may finally break down and buy a vehicle with 4 wheels. Then again, I may keep my record breaking no car thing going for a little bit longer. Living in Africa for a year and a half has shown me I am way tougher than I ever thought.

Happy weekend!

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    • Hi Terrie! I’m volunteering with Remote Area Medical USA. They set up weekend free clinics, kind of Mercy Ships style, but without surgery. They do medical, dental (very surgery like), and eye exams. Free. All around the USA. I’m super excited to participate. A woman I worked with on the ship told me about them. The missionary adventures continue! I really want to come visit you in Cali when I get settled and know my schedule. Can we make it happen???

      • Thanks for the info, Micey. 🙂

        I would absolutely love for you to come visit me! It would have to be after September as we are in the midst of planning a wedding for my daughter. Depending on if it’s good for you–maybe sometime in October? Let me know what you think and we will work on that.


  1. Beautiful Michelle. Thank you for your well spoken words regarding the homosexual marriage topic. It echoes my own thoughts. I am sad SCOTUS made the decision rather than state by state. But even in this, the Lord reigns sovereign.

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I pray we all learn to think beyond ourselves and make time for others =, whatever that may look like. Blessed to have you joining us at The Weekend Brew.

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