The stuff I’m thinking about today :

  • I am driven by my emotions. I wish I weren’t.
  • If I could choose any super power, I would choose two — invisibility and the power to shut off all sounds of humanity.
  • If I could choose to be any person in the Bible, I would choose to be John the Baptist. Because he was set apart, lived in the wilderness, prepared the way of the Lord.
  • I really like to be alone. It bothers my favorite sons. They don’t understand me. I’m okay with that.
  • I travel through life with a deep desire to help people without wanting anything in return.
  • I’m nicer to strangers than people I know.
  • I hate being angry. It is the most painful of all emotions.
  • I am angry way too much.
  • You cannot be my friend if you cannot accept me as I am. I’m too tired to be who you want me to be.
  • You cannot be my friend if you want me to pretend.
  • I am a fearful person, but not of ordinary things like heights, spiders, needles, crossing bridges, flying. I’m terrified to let people know me.
  • I am very suspicious of people who always seem happy.
  • If I think you don’t like me, if you give off a vibe that I’m annoying you, if you roll your eyes at me because you think I’m ridiculous, if you laugh at me, if you make me the butt of the joke, I will walk away from you and not look back once.
  • I own my screw ups. You might have to tell me what they are because I’m not always able to see them, but when I do, I own them. I don’t make excuses, I don’t blame others, I own them.
  • If I do something to offend you and I know it, I own what I’ve done. I apologize. I’m not perfect.
  • I will not beg you to forgive me.
  • I have to forgive people over and over and over.
  • If I disappear into the wilderness, don’t be sad or worried, I will have chosen the wilderness.
  • I’m too weird for most people.
  • I need to figure out how to be okay with myself because the Lord made me and he says I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I do believe him.

Happy Thursday!

Thankful to link up with Lyli.


2 thoughts on “June_18

  1. Love this! We have a lot in common..not all, but a lot. I am so tired of masks. It can be lonely taking off my masks, or having God pry them off, but it is even more exhausting living with them. I want to be loved for me. Praying for you as you begin a new chapter.

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