It’s all coming together. Six weeks to go and I’m thankful. It’s my word for 2015


454. That when I leave the job, I really leave the job. It doesn’t come home with me. I don’t carry it with me.

455. Blessed be God, because he hLisha as not rejected my prayer or removed his steadfast love from me! (‭Psalm‬ ‭66‬:‭20‬ ESV)

456. <— well because I like things like this! And happy June! And happy first day of hurricane season. That’s right. I like extreme weather.


457. My profile went out and I had a job interview and I have a job!

458. That my favorite #1 son encourages me to be calm. And reminds me he is an adult, able to take care of himself.

459. I’m excited to work in a level 1 trauma center again.


460. Rainy days mean better parking in the garage.

461. The encouragement I get from the folks who read my blog.

462. A favorite co worker is leaving to move to California so I have another person close by to visit when I move to Arizona.


463. Getting ahead of organizing. Weeding through stuff to keep and stuff to trash.

464. I think I found a place to live.

465. Persevering through the fear.


466. The Lord sees me every minute of everyday. I am never alone.

467. I get to work early today.

468. <— another fun number sequence. Are you sensing a theme?


469. Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long. Remember your mercy, O Lord, and your steadfast love, for they have been from of old. Remember not the sins of my youth or my transgressions; according to your steadfast love remember me, for the sake of your goodness, O Lord! (‭Psalm‬ ‭25‬:‭4-7‬ ESV)

470. Realizing my birthday was a palindrome number this year, even though late, is still pretty exciting! 5-1-15

471. <— when a number adds up to a number divisible by 3, you know it’s divisible by 3! Fun math rules I’ve learned in my life.


472. Survived my last Saturday shift at my current location unscathed because the Lord is merciful and kind and said yes to my prayer for a quiet night. And he even blessed me with the company of 2 Jesus loving coworkers!

473. Realizing that a dream of trekking is not so far fetched after all, given my history and stuff.

474. For now, the beach is still 2 minutes away!

Happy Sunday!

Thankful to link with Lisha.

4 thoughts on “Thankful_June1_June7

  1. I’m not getting a post written on finding a healthy house church (or something similar) so if you don’t mind, I’d like to share some VERY condensed thoughts right here… Having been involved with multiple different types of Christian churches since becoming a believer May 4, 1980 7:48 PM, (I’m talking probably close to a dozen) If I were moving to a new local, I would try to find a larger church with a solid doctrinal foundation, that also has small groups that meet some other time during the week. Different churches call those kind of groups different things..cell group, care group, etc. I would make sure that group had a time during their meeting for some kind of open interaction, that is where you will most likely also experience a deeper connection to a smaller number of like minded folk. That’s where I would start, and after that, I believe God will direct your steps. That’s my 2 cents worth for the moment. 😉 DM

    • Very wise words. After thinking long and hard, it’s probably the safest way to go. You never know what kind of wacky you could wander into otherwise.

  2. I always love your thankful lists. They are creative and inspiring. I liked #465 – persevering through the fear. I am in a *season* of really bad anxiety, the worst I’ve had in a long time. Some days I just want to stay in bed – (but then I’d find something else to worry about – like blood clots from immobility!) It makes me tired. But, I believe that God will reward perseverance, and He will provide the strength we need to endure the fear. And to replace it with His peace.

    No palindrome for my birthday this year (Happy Belated Birthday!). But, if I write my age backwards, it’s 16. Yup, I like that a LOT better…


    (I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who frets over her adult sons…)

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