The One About Moving

Yesterday, my recruiter sent my profile out to a hospital in Arizona. The OR manager called me the same day. Looks like I have a job! All that’s left to do now is finalize the details. 

So why am I a nervous wreck? This is the age old question. It comes back to doing anxiety. Why do I keep doing anxiety?

I love adventure. I love exploring. I love seeing new places. I hate planning. I hate thinking about the details. But I also hate being spontaneous. How’s that for a paradox?

So my brain just goes round and round in a whirlwind of thoughts that make my head want to explode! To make matters worse, I have a terrible time reaching outside my head for emotional support. Thankfully, my favorite #1 son coaxed it out of me. 

It’s going to be okay. I’m not going alone. I’m not responsible for children. I keep forgetting he’s a grown man with the ability to figure things out too. 

So the main thing to do now is praise God! I got a job! 

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “The One About Moving

  1. This is so exciting Micey. I’m very pleased for you!
    Weird thing is, I’ve just registered for supply teaching with an agency. I am so, so anxious about going back into school. Your post really resonated with me.
    We share a little bit of the journey, together, in a way!

    Walking with you.


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