The One About Doing Anxiety

I don’t have anxiety. I do anxiety. This is a profound thought right?

I’m watching a class on YouTube called “Unmasking Anxiety”. It was a class given at a church I used to attend. It’s good. It’s Biblical. It’s helping me reevaluate my thought life. 

I think bad thoughts. I think untrue thoughts. I let my thoughts go down all kinds of unhelpful rabbit trails. I let my thoughts race around my head uncontrolled until my brain feels like a hurricane or a tornado. This leads to serious adrenaline rushes that cause physical symptoms that make me feel anxious and depressed. 

I want to change. I say it often enough, don’t I? But do I? Do I really?

I’m tired of…

  • Feeling angry, sad, negative
  • Freaking out over work stuff because I like my job
  • Complaining about life, stuff, people, everything
  • Bad news in the media
  • Gossip shows

Tired. Tired. Tired.  Tired of being tired. 

So really. It’s time for me to change. Enough is enough. I’m going to learn how to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Learning is good. Change is good. Life is good!

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “The One About Doing Anxiety

  1. Oh, how I understand the anxiety *rat race* – and I’m tired, too. I’ve never really been very good at the “thought captive” thing – maybe I’m just not trying hard enough (which causes me more anxiety!)

    But, it occurs to me that it’s not about my trying, really. It’s about my yielding. So I continue to pray for the strength to surrender.

    Thanks for this today.


    • I’m watching a video series about unmasking anxiety with practical ways to take thoughts captive. If you like I can post the link. 😊

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