The One with The Patients

Thankful for what the Lord is doing through Mercy Ships.

A Beautiful Wander

We have seen 1,128 patients come up and down our gangway. We have seen lives transformed before us and seen miracles happen in the ORs… airways cleared, babies intubated without complications, and most recently, a dental patient admitted and lifesaving surgery performed. Deck 3 is a sacred place, not because of the medical staff but because of the beautiful work God does down there using the surgeons, nurses, sterilizers, radiologists and so many more.

There’s a simple story that so many of us in Mercy Ships know and have come to identify with :


So here are some of the Starfish from our field service.


Tojo discovered hope and hopelessness at the same time: a cure was possible for his son … but the treatment cost around one million ariary (~$380 USD), an amount beyond his imagination. One  night the radio told him about Mercy Ships coming to help. At…

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