The One About Less Writing

I’ve been writing less. Did you notice? Want to know a secret? I mean this with all the love and joy that writing cannot say because you cannot see my face or hear my tone of voice or see my body language. I don’t care if you noticed. 😊 Isn’t it great!?

I really feel free. Free to write what I want when I want. Not compulsively. Not slavishly. I’ve jumped off the blog hopping bandwagon. It was fun for awhile, but I was ready to get off the ride. 

I figure whoever reads reads. I just always hope the reader is encouraged. 

So yeah. New freedom!

Happy Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “The One About Less Writing

  1. So true! I’ve been stressed out over my lack of words. But I really want to just let it go and allow God to prompt me to write. Not worrying about numbers or content, etc. Freedom!

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