The One About How It All Changes

My favorite #1 son got a job. It could be a really good job for a change. Now the doubt has set into his mind. Should he stay in florida? Should he move to Arizona?

I can appreciate how he feels. Do we ever really know the way to travel? Moving on means leaving good friends behind. I’ve been doing this for years. He hasn’t. His friends have a level of importance to him that mine do not. Don’t misunderstand me. I love my friends. But I don’t feel like I’m losing them. When I go someplace new, I get to add to my friends.

Plus he doesn’t know Jesus as his most important true friend. Jesus travels with me everywhere. His friends mean more to him. Jesus means more to me. With Jesus by my side I’m confident to leave my friends and even my favorite boys in his capable hands.

I spent half of yesterday feeling sad because the awesome adventure I hope to take with my favorite #1 son might now be a solo adventure. I even went through feeling like something is wrong with me because I have never felt the need to set deep roots in any one place.

I asked the Lord if I should go. I was walking into the gift shop at the time. I looked at the cute new hats sitting on the table. The corner of the hat said “trust the journey.” Sign from the Lord? Maybe. I don’t really ask for signs anymore. I know the lord works everything for good for those called according to His purpose. But Maybe it was a reminder that it’s okay to move forward again.

Because I’m ready. After nearly 18 months back in the USA. I’m finally ready for an adventure. I hope it’ll be with my favorite #1 son. In the meantime it is enough that I have all of my family saying “go for it!”

I am thankful.

Happy Thursday!


4 thoughts on “The One About How It All Changes

  1. thanks for the update. I can see why you might be tempted to second guess yourself. Sounds like you are doing all of the things I would counsel, check my own heart..if I felt the green light for myself, then what #1 son does is subject to change. Since this was kind of his idea in the first place (Arizona), it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t go now, that he does come later. We just never know what’s around the next bend. DM

    • Funny Doug, I think it was more of my idea superimposed onto him. I think he’s going to end up staying behind. But he wants me to go with or without him. So I will go. 🙂

  2. I repeat what you read on the hat, “enjoy the journey”. Life is a journey. The Christian experience is a journey. Whether your son goes or not the journey is yours to behold. Remember, you are never alone because God is always with us. I look forward to hearing about how well the trip was.

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