The One About Identity Theft, Anger, And Crashing

Last Friday, I got called into the office to see if I filed for unemployment. Yes. No. I’m not unemployed? Somebody has stolen my identity to get unemployment of all things. Um. Hello?

How completely aggravating. I’m still reporting the crime to various agencies. And of course, being the optimist I am, I’ve been in a menacingly foul mood ever since. These incidents always send me back into my default mode of anger.

The anger leads to bitterness. The bitterness leads to meanness. Pretty soon I’m just outright hating on others, picking up rocks to stone them in that horrible way of self-righteousness that leads to a crash.

The anger always leads to self destruction. I am my own worst enemy. I hate the anger. I hate what I let it do to me.

I end up being mean and snarky to co-workers. I end up being hypercritical of the management. I end up feeling entitled to getting my way when I want it, imagining stomping my feet like a child, overreacting to the smallest requests. And then I get even angrier when the management rebukes me for my obvious outburst, as if it’s their fault I act like such a fool?

I am such a miserable wretch. I cry and cry to God. I beg him to take it away. I think I’m sincere about giving it to him. But it turns out I’m not because it returns almost as quickly as I give it to him.

On my bike ride this morning I realized instead of hating on the people who are only trying to do their jobs to the best of their abilities, I should be praying for them. It’s much harder to throw stones at people when you are praying for them to be blessed.

In the process of praying for them I didn’t realize the palm frond in the road would turn out to be such a hazard. I ended up half crashing, being flung off the bike onto my feet, working so hard to not actually crash, I ended up pulling something really hard behind my right knee.

But hey. I learned some valuable lessons. Someone might be able to steal my legal identity and inconvenience me, but no one can ever steal my identity in Christ. Praying for people makes me stop being angry at them for no good reason whatsoever.

I am so thankful God doesn’t dish out punishment the way I always want to dish it out.

And now I am going to reboot my hard drive and try again.

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12 thoughts on “The One About Identity Theft, Anger, And Crashing

  1. Oh Michelle, you had me laughing! Wrecking your bike while praying for someone! That would have brought my anger straight to the surface! Like you, I have had anger issues…takes a lot of prayer and taking thoughts captive for me to get it under control. But it’s there…Great post!

  2. You are describing me to a tee, so you are not alone! I too need to remind myself just how much work I have to do when it comes to how things affect me, and how I react. Luv u ~ xo

  3. Despite this frustrating situation, there is such encouragement here. Yes, praying for others transforms our perspective (I should do more of that!) and how neat to think about how nobody can ever steal our identity it Christ. It’s sealed forever! Thanks for sharing this story with us and at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  4. Praying for others often changes us in greater ways than it changes them. So sorry to hear about your identity theft – adding my prayers for the one who did the stealing. Who knows what God might do in their life?

  5. I learned this several years ago when a pastor’s wife (yes you read that right!) was being mean to me in many ways. I love this that you said… Oh how true it is…
    “It is much harder to throw stones at people when you are praying for them to be blessed.”

    But we MUST PRACTICE it. That’s where my effort needs to be concentrated. And I’ll admit it is not always easy.
    Love that you are sharing both sides if it. Blessings, Michelle!

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