The Details

After Africa, I came back to Florida. I wanted to live close to at least one of my kids. My #2 son is in Gainesville. Then, oh joy, my #1 son decided to move back too! And it was good!

But then, as with all things, the shine starts to wear off. The daily grind sets in.

I live by the beach, but I never go because I’m busy doing other things. I don’t get to visit my #2 son as much as I want because he’s still 4.5 hours away.

Pretty soon I’m dreaming of moving on. But I don’t want to leave because both kids are at least in the same state as me. There’s no point in changing hospitals because I feel like I’m working in the best hospital in the region. It is what I do, it isn’t my whole life.

Then I start praying without praying. Hoping one of my kids, or ideally, both of my kids will want to relocate because if I’m going to leave my job, my friends, and the beach, I better really leave.

Last week, I learned my #1 son’s job didn’t work out. Again. Suddenly, we’re dreaming together about what to do next. He can’t find a decent job. I have a portable job. I ask him where he would go if he could go anywhere. He chooses Arizona based on me telling stories of the time we visited when he was tiny. I tell him I’ll get a travel contract in Arizona if he wants me to. He’s like really!? I’m like yes!!

And BOOM! “Out of the clear blue sky” an idea, a vision, a dream becomes reality!

I’m so excited!!! My #2 son is thrilled and excited for us! He can’t wait to come visit us! And I will hope, dream, and pray for him to join us next year!

Now we dream and plan for our departure which, God willing, will be in July!

I’m so thankful to God for hearing my thoughts, hopes, dreams. For the amazing family ministry he’s entrusted to me. That everyone I know is excited with us!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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14 thoughts on “The Details

  1. How cool! God’s plans to include our dreams and He even blesses some of them into reality. praying with you that everything works out well.
    I love hearing that you have two sons because I do too!!!!

  2. May God’s will be made clear as you seek Him in His plan. How exciting!! You know I’m still hopeful of moving to warm weather for my health. We will start looking for a new job that fits my husband this summer, maybe.

  3. God’s in the details. And good call on picking another warm state, says the Kentucky born and raised girl who has had snow on the ground for 10 days and counting … ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  4. Makes me think of the hobbit and setting off on an adventure – a soul needed adventure, but God’s plans are like that. When it’s time for a move, He makes it all come together! I’m glad it’s a family thing, too! I will be praying for you and your new home!

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