Thankful_February 3

Today, get a glimpse inside my mind, where thankfulness is profound and quirky. So yeah, thankful. It’s my one word for 2015.

100. When a symphony of music is timed perfectly with a bike ride, the sun rising in the back drop, birds flying through the air on a clear, crisp morning.


101. Discovering that the will of God for my life is actually happening right here, right now, in this present moment. Being thankful. I don’t have to go searching for God’s will. I woke up today. The places I go, the people I meet, the things I do are all part of his plan.

102. The garbage man. He gets up way before the sun rises to collect the waste and refuse of all mankind, braving the ickiness and the stench of decaying, rotting trash, hauling it to mysterious burial mounds only marked by the circling of vultures and buzzards, all so that our world smells fresh.

Happy Tuesday!

Thankful to join Unite and SDG Gathering

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