Thankful_January 26

My one word for 2015 is thankful. Because life is always more good than bad. Because being thankful leads to joy.

A Gift Before Dawn, At Noon, After Dark

76. Every morning, before dawn, I wake up, listen to the little pig squeal happiness as I fetch his yummy breakfast of veggies. I start the Keurig to brew the coffee, move down the counter to take my meds, move back up the counter to pour the coffee, and head to my favorite chair. I grab the iPad, check my email, read the word of the day and the thoughtful words from Ravi Zacharias “Slice of Infinity.” Open the She Reads Truth app and dig into the Word. Finally, I write a letter to God. This is my routine. This is how I set the stage for the whole day. Spending time with God before dawn.

77. At noon, on any given weekday, I get to serve the Lord by giving my co-workers a lunch break. Most of them have been hard at work since 6:45am, serving the patients who arrived bright and early in the morning for surgery. We are a team and each of us has an important role. This is a small snapshot of what I do during my day.

78. After dark, at the beach, the moon hanging in the sky illuminating the ocean, the pier. So beautiful.

His… Michelle

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