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We interrupt thankful to bring you Five Minute Friday for which I am thankful, so really it’s not an interruption is it? The word is share.


Can I just share with you? I think there’s a really big disconnect between my brain and my heart.

I’m at home visiting my family this week. I’m having a really awesome time. I’m sharing life with them. Good times and hard times.

It’s the Christian way, the Jesus way. And I’m so thankful because I really am having a good time.

But today all I want to do is cry. It’s like my brain knows I’m having a good time, but my heart knows tomorrow I will be going home. And so I sit here and I try to figure out why I want to cry even though I’m having a good time?

And it’s hard. I so hate the days when I want to cry. And it’s hard to be thankful for everything.


His… Michelle

7 thoughts on “Thankful_January 23_[FMF]_Share

  1. we don’t just cry when we’re sad. sometimes it’s when we’re just so full of emotions that we don’t know how we feel! go with it and don’t feel upset that you’re crying. it’s much better to be crying with your family around you than when you are by yourself away from them!

    i enjoyed your post. we used to live in tyler, TX near mercy ships headquarters. had a few friends who worked there. we’re also from FL:) south FL. i’m your neighbor at FMF. hope you have a great day…or at least a decent one. blessings girl!

  2. Michelle,
    So wonderful to meet you at FMF. I am sorry that your emotions are pulling you from the joy of the moment with your family. But just go with the flow. Enjoy it and cry. Not to worry – God is working things out.

  3. Loved your writing (glad to hear your moment has passed, although I always find that moments like that make me more thankful, as they remind me how very lucky I am, that I love those things so much that they cause such high emotions in me). Have a great week, Helen xxx

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