Thankful_January 19

I’m spending a year writing about being thankful. It’s my word for 2015. So yeah. Thankful.

3 Gifts That Might Never Have Been

55. Once upon a time, my mom found out she was having a baby. The problem was, it was a total surprise. I remember her saying she didn’t know if she wanted another baby. I’m glad she came to accept her situation, otherwise my sister might never have been.

56. Once upon a time, I didn’t like my mom very much. I didn’t think she liked me. Sometimes I think if my dad had not died, we might never have been friends.

57. Once upon a time, I had serious doubts about marrying my big kid’s dad. I ended up marrying him because I was afraid of what everyone would think if I didn’t. Of course in the end I’m glad I did, otherwise my big kid might never have been.

His… Michelle

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  1. I sure do love the way you can see the beauty in these situations. Our God is an expert at making all things new, isn’t he?! Thank you for linking with Small Wonders.

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