Thankful_January 8


This year my one word is thankful. I have lived far too long to keep focusing on the things I don’t have when all I have to do is look around to see the beautiful gifts right in front of my face! So that’s it! 2015 will be a year of thankful!

Today’s thankful seems best displayed in photos.

22. Dusky Light is a throw back to summertime weekend spent with my sister and her family on the other coast of Florida. We had such a fun time that weekend. Good memories. 🙂


23. Surprising Reflection was shot this morning. My apologies to all you folks in the great white north if you don’t understand this south Florida girl’s need to bundle up to ride her bike because the morning temperature was a chilly 59 degrees. Haha!


24. Lovely Shadow was shot a couple of days ago as I went geocaching with a purpose to leave behind a Gospel tract for the next treasure hunter because Jesus is the greatest treasure we can find!


His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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  1. beautiful picture by the sea~! We woke up to below zero temps this morning and -30 windchill. You would have loved it! I know you would have. 😉 DM

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