Advent_December 23

I really appreciate the description of God as the Great Physician because I am a nurse. And doing heart transplants? That grabs me because I am a surgical nurse. I haven’t yet personally seen a heart transplant, but I’ve done heart surgery. I’ve laid my hand on several beating hearts over the years. Awesome is the only word to describe the feeling of a beating heart.

When you have heart surgery, the surgeon shuts your heart off. On purpose. The blood vessels to bypass are too tiny to work on while your heart beats. Isn’t it crazy he can shut your heart off, like a light can be shut off? Then when the anesthesia wears off, the heart starts to beat again. So crazy amazing!

Now imagine your heart is too useless to support your body? You go to surgery. Get put on bypass. They shut it down. Remove it, like a car engine. Replace it with a stranger’s heart. A stranger died. Graciously gifted his organs so others might live. They put that new heart into your body. Hook up all the connections. The anesthesia wears off, the new heart starts to beat again as if it never stopped beating in the first place!

When you say yes to Jesus, you get a heart transplant! You get His heart! He died to gift it to you! Bonus, it doesn’t even hurt you! What a crazy, amazing gift!!!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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