Advent_December 13

Seeing past the shell of a person to the heart, the soul, the real beauty inside is super challenging for me. But boy is it necessary!

One of the things I pray for regularly is to see the way God sees. To see with his eyes is to find the thing inside of each person he created.

When I work with a difficult person I pray to see him the way God sees. And God always answers these prayers.

It’s all about perspective. When I see a person who is beautiful by the world’s standards, it’s easy to become jealous of that person. But with God’s eyes to see the heart, I often wonder if their beauty is covering deep pain that isn’t visible to the naked eye?

Having God’s eyes allows me to see past the 400+ pound shell of a beautiful soul who is too ashamed to say what she weighs in front of her husband. It breaks my heart she has lost her self worth to the world’s standard, seems to have given up on herself, her health.

Having God’s eyes allows me to see past the 90 year old shell of a beautiful soul who is lonely and frightened to have surgery, to hold her hand, to tell her Jesus is with her, Jesus is the one who uses us as his tools to fix her problem.

I’m so glad God looked past my outside to see the inside, to love me just the way I needed. I want to love like that.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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  1. Thanks for sharing this truth. When we see through His eyes the miracle happens in our hearts. We draw closer to true love – “not as the world gives give I you…” Coming to you from the Weekend Brew

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