Advent_December 12_[FMF]_Prepare

Let every heart prepare him room!

Are you looking? Looking for the Christmas miracles, the everyday miracles you normally take for granted?

Prepare your heart! The miracles are all around you.

I see them in the eyes of a stranger who asked to sit with me at lunch, who thanked me when I asked him if he celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, or nothing. He celebrates Hanukkah :). By the end of lunch we knew each other’s names. And there was one less lonely lunch. Christmas miracle.

I see them in every patient who comes for surgery and leaves fixed, or better, or closer to healed, restored long enough to even have just one more Christmas. Miracles. Each and every one.

I’m celebrating every single day this month by declaring every single tiny positive thing a Christmas miracle. It doesn’t matter what. What am I gaining? Smiles and laughter from friends, family, and co-workers.

I’m helping them prepare!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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8 thoughts on “Advent_December 12_[FMF]_Prepare

  1. Beautiful (as always; I found myself seeking your entry out as one of the first ones I read this week!)… say, “The miracles are all around you” and it’s *so* true……we just have to look….pay attention. I was waiting for my children this morning, stood at the top of some steps…..I watched as so many people helped each other up the steps (daughters helping older mothers, brothers helping sisters with crutches, grandchildren helping grandparents)….it was a beautiful sight to behold and filled my heart with happiness and such love. Miracles are, indeed, everywhere if we just look.

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