Advent_December 11

I was a Rahab. Used, taken advantage of, thinking I didn’t deserve anything better.

But then, one night in 1992 I saw a woman come back from the dead. She was dead for 30 minutes. Pronounced dead officially by a medical resident. And I finally knew. There is a God in heaven. He is real.

Without even realizing, I must have thrown my scarlet cord, my tikvah, my hope out of a theoretical window. Thirteen years later He came for me!

He will come for you too. Throw out your scarlet cord. You are not too lost that He can’t find you. Repent and believe!

My dear sweet Jesus, I don’t know how you knew? I don’t know what you saw? I only know I am forever in your debt and will love you forever! Love, me.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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