a small rant about daylight savings time

This has nothing to do with anything really. Just what I think about twice a year when we do daylight savings time.


Does it really save time? No! It just throws my whole circadian rhythm out of whack for a couple of days. It’s like jet lag without going anywhere. I thought leap year was the only time we actually get any extra time? And who decided 2am was the perfect time to set the clock back? It makes no sense!

And it is simply unfair to night shift workers throughout the world where practiced. My poor night shift coworkers end up having to work an extra hour! Don’t the powers that be realize working night shift is hard? Really hard? Without adding an extra hour?

And for those who say they get an extra hour to sleep. Do you? Really? All it means for me is an extra hour awake. I always wake up by the time the sun rises, usually before then even.

When oh when will they do away with daylight savings time?

*end rant*

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

The Lord says to love people. He doesn’t say anything about daylight savings time. 😉

8 thoughts on “a small rant about daylight savings time

  1. So I am sitting here wide awake, an hour before I usually wake up, just waiting until it’s time to get ready for church. Somehow I don’t think I should rant before I go worship the Lord :-), but I really understand what you’re saying. I especially don’t like how it steals an extra hour of sunlight. De-pressing…

    Welp, anyway…GOD BLESS!

  2. I agree – wish they would leave the time like it was. Now it gets dark too early in the evening. And I understand about night shift – when my husband worked nights, he hated the time change.

  3. Here in UK clocks changed last week.. in our house we had young grandchildren staying over.. smallchildren wake up at the crack of dawn regardless of what a clock says..besides that they cannot read time.. so no such thing as an hour extra in bed!!! Sympathies to all shift workers and parents of small children…

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