five minute friday_dare_day 24

The last time I took the dreadful medication was Sunday evening. I’m happy to say that I have felt better with each passing day. I feel like me again. Praise God!

But along with feeling like me again comes the insomnia and anxiety. I think the insomnia is particularly rough as I was so sedated by the dreadful medication. I also think that medication was working on the anxiety. It is definitely returning. One of the reasons I know this is I’m worrying again about things out of my control, like meetings with people and even going to the family doctor.

I have an appointment with my family doctor this morning to talk to her about what’s been going on. But I’m slightly terrified at what she’ll say. WHat if she thinks I’m crazy? What if she thinks I’m fine? What if she doesn’t want to help me? Do I dare to get my hopes up only to have them shot down?

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

This is day 24 of #Write31Days. It’s also time for Five Minute Friday. Come write with us!

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7 thoughts on “five minute friday_dare_day 24

  1. You are not crazy, and you are not “fine” (fine as defined by everything in your emotional world is in order, running like it should run/ with the normal ups and downs). Glad you can notice a difference and articulate that difference. That is a good bench mark for helping you and your doctor decide what to do next. JMHP< but besides the medication, there is still work do be done in the therapy department, which is also normal and predictable considering all of the stuff you've experienced pre-Jesus…but you ARE moving in the right direction! Baby steps…;-) (ever see that movie/ What about Bob?). Hope you have a good day. Signed, a fellow sputter-er DM

    • I love your unique way of encouraging me Doug! I saw my family doctor this morning. She prescribed good ol’ prozac for me. Now if only I could get my time and money back from that other doctor!

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