transformed by renewing my mind_day 22

Maybe this medication was making me feel worse because it was overtreating my symptoms?

Maybe it’s time for me to be okay with not being okay again?

I am very disappointed in the way this whole thing has progressed, disappointed in the doctor, disappointed in the medication.

The worst thing about this particular med is it made me feel like another person. I have not been myself at all. And for what?

I am highly sensitive, introverted, moody, anxious. But the only thing that has really been affecting my life really negatively lately is the anxiety. So why did she think it was a good idea to treat me with an atypical antipsychotic?

This doctor truly let me down. From not returning phone calls to giving advice like “Well cut the dose in half for a few days then stop taking it and if you would like to try something else schedule an appointment.” Can you say “unconcerned” with me?


Being a healthcare professional myself, I say this all the time – they don’t call it practicing medicine for no reason.

Anyway, I’m really tired of all the complaining I’ve been doing this month, really tired of trying to fix myself when I need to fix my eyes on Jesus, be forever grateful for who He is, what He’s done, what He continues to do for me! So that’s enough of that! Onward Christian soldiers!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

This is day 22 of #Write31Days. Also sharing with the #TellHisStory crowd.

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4 thoughts on “transformed by renewing my mind_day 22

  1. No, don’t settle for being OK that you don’t feel OK, and No it is not OK that the Dr doesn’t know how to genuinely care for you…keep looking and find someone who will. You are precious in his sight, and Jesus died that you can have life and have it abundantly. What you are going through is hell and heavier lifting than I ever experienced in the sanctification process. God did heal my low self worth in an amazing way, it did take a while but I am convinced that he wants us bubbling with Joy and peace, most of the time, (with seasons of pruning and brokenness not withstanding) .but not one continual life sucks fest. just my humble opinion 😉 DM

    • Thank you so much Doug. I’ve been really discouraged over the last month. I’m not going back to that doctor. I’m going to see my family doctor on Friday. Hopefully she’ll be able to prescribe something simple.

  2. I’m next to you at Jennifer’s link up. So happy to “meet” you here. The way God transforms our mind through the renewing of our mind is my “life message” as it was the most transformative thing I’ve ever learned from His word.

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