five minute friday_long_day 17

I taught them, encouraged them, pushed them to be independent. And now I long for the days of old when we were young, together, clashing, playing, living together, under one roof. I secretly long for us to be together in one town, close, a stone’s throw, Sunday dinners, all together again.

I long for days filled with sanity, where my mood matches my circumstances, I’m kind all the time, treating others better than myself, loving life for all its good and not so good, content with exactly who I am, where I am.

I long for heaven when we will all be together in one place, never to be separated again, each one of us in one giant community, worshiping the One we have longed to meet and be with forever.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

This is day 17 of #Write31Days. It’s also time for Five Minute Friday.

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10 thoughts on “five minute friday_long_day 17

  1. My heart echoes your longings. It’s funny, just in the past few days I’ve been really missing my boys – I miss them living under my roof. Those days were hard, but they were so full of joy, too. I see them about once a month now, and talk to them, but I still miss them terribly.

    And yes, I get the *mood* thing. I think one of the reasons that I long for heaven so much is because I will be free from anxiety and my tendency to get down about stuff. I greatly look forward to the *rest* that we are promised.


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