transformed by renewing my mind_day 12

I think I keep hoping for a cure for my personality.

I was secretly hoping there was a pill that would change me from an introvert to an extrovert, that would make me like being social, joining stuff, going to parties, hanging out with groups.


All the cool kids are extroverted, social, partying, joining, hanging out with groups kind of people.

And I’ve always wanted to be a cool kid. I confess it. Their lives just seem so much better to me.

But then I stop and wonder, are they better? Or are they just better at coping, or even pretending that life is sunshine and roses?

And every time I wish there was a cure for my personality, am I not disrespecting God who made me just the way He wanted to make me? Psalm 139 says I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I need to focus on being the best version of me I can be, to step into the version God made, before life got in and altered who I am. Restored to the original.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

This is day 12 of #Write31Days.

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2 thoughts on “transformed by renewing my mind_day 12

  1. Have you ever read the spiritual gift books by don and Katie fortune? I used to feel I needed fixing too because I thought I needed to squash the me he made me. This book showed the double edge of my gift and the potential I’m how it can be used for God. It changed how I see me and helps me not be so grass is greener about the other gifts. I realized I didn’t need fixing south after all. I needed to embrace who he designed me to be! Blessings to you friend as you peel away the worlds view of yoy and see how god sees you!

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