Journey to a stable mind

The journey to a stable mind is a bit long and winding.

The doctor prescribed a certain medication that I took for three weeks. The medication worked really well in some areas, but not in others.

Another downside to this particular medication is that my insurance company doesn’t cover it at all. I suppose that is a blessing in disguise, since it wasn’t 100% effective anyway.

I went back to see the doctor yesterday, and she prescribed a new medication.

One dose of the new medication kicked me in the butt. There’s definitely going to be a learning curve in figuring out exactly when to take this particular med.

Taking this medication is also going to require coffee. Lots and lots of coffee!

I’m feeling so much better that I’m even wondering about my underlying personality traits of introversion? Am I really an introvert? Or am I more of an extrovert? Was I just completely withdrawn?

I guess time will tell. This is just some of the stuff I’ve been thinking about today.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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9 thoughts on “Journey to a stable mind

  1. I love you for sharing your journey while you’re still on it. That takes so much more brave than waiting until it’s over. Having to admit you’re not over it yet, there’s no resolution yet, you’re still fighting the good fight and you don’t know what your victory looks like exactly…. or even if you will see victory this side of heaven. That makes you scary beautiful. I a honored to be walking along side you in your story, if even from long distance. I kind of can’t wait to sit with you in eternity and chat about everything from that perspective. Thank you for your brave, Michelle!

  2. Medications can definitely mess with me too, sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad. And it’s hard to weigh sometimes if the benefits are worth the negatives. But, in the end, there usually is something that DOES work, so I’m praying you find that right kind and right dose, etc. So glad you’re sharing, Michelle!

  3. Just want you to know I am still reading & praying for you Michelle, ( I need prayers as well! ) My mother struggled with mental illness, as well as my 23 year old daughter. I am learning so much, the most important probably is that our minds are a battlefield between God’s thoughts & Satan’s thoughts. All Christians struggle with this. The battles do not end until we enter eternal life. The simple answer is Jesus! He’s our wonderful Counselor! And filling our minds with His Word & praying for more of the Holy Spirit: 2 Timothy 1:7 “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power & love & a sound mind.” We have different strengths & weaknesses & spiritual gifts, but love is the most important thing. As an old lady now, the thing I regret most of all is my lack of love for others. I believe God has to allow us to go through many things in order to learn to love better. My heart grieves so much to see my daughter struggle to love her children, but I remember my empty times & I dare not judge. Instead I pray & try to demonstrate that wonderful patient & kind love that God has so graciously bestowed on me. ( Sorry to write a blog post in your comments,lol) Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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