cornfields and shadowlands

I recently visited Iowa for the first time. I stayed with friends who live in a world surrounded by a sea of corn. It was beautiful and creepy all in the same sentence.

Those fields brought back memories of when I was a small small child, the corn field across the road from my house, long gone now, where we would go in the fall to steal an ear of corn for tick tacking.

Early one morning, I decided to walk into the corn field, to see what I could see. The sun was rising slowly into morning. I got into the third row and stopped, the stalks towering over my head, silk tops waving in the breeze. I couldn’t go further, leave the last visages of land. I knew if I lost sight of land, I would be lost forever (or a few hours at least).

I have a story to tell. It has all the elements that make for a good drama. Death. Abuse. Lust. Intrigue. Murder. Perseverance. Determination. Survival. Love.

The kicker? It’s the story of my life. It’s not made up.

I’ve been struggling with how telling my story could possibly do any good? For me in the re-telling. For you who have never heard it before.

Some of it goes down into such deep caverns, I fear I may get lost in the darkness. You see, I was lost down there before. It’s so dark you can’t even see your hand a millimeter in front of your face.

But then another friend reminded me

Sometimes we need to invite people to look at the wounds we’ve had so that they can believe.

This time I’m not going into those deep caverns alone. I’m bringing a Light to shine in the darkness.

I know Jesus was there the first time. Yesterday, today, and forever. I believe this. I didn’t see him then. I didn’t know who I was looking for.

But now I know. Now I can remember safely. I can enter the shadowlands, like the cornfields of Iowa, keeping my eyes on the Light who will lead me back to safety.

His… Michelle

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7 thoughts on “cornfields and shadowlands

  1. My story is different than yours, but it also left me deeply wounded and @ the end of myself, which ultimately was a good thing, although @ the time, it didn’t feel like it. God has healed me of many of my old festering issues, but not all of them..without exception, it wasn’t until I brought the wound into the light, that the power of the bondage was broken…sometimes, with just one person in the privacy of a counseling room, other times, in small group retreats, and other times while reading a book…As one of your other bogging friends mentioned the other day when you voiced you weren’t sure how much to share in the public forum of a really is something God will give you wisdom on..don’t think one size fits all. Thank you again for coming to visit. Lots of good memories, and yes, we are still watching Downton Abby 😉 Last night we watched session #7 of season 2. DM

    • Haha! I made you both Downton Abbey addicts! Thank you for letting me visit. Thank you for listening. Thank you for always building me up. 😊

  2. Hmmm….you have me wondering here, what parts of our stories make for the “testimony” that aids in overcoming Satan?( Rev.12:11) Maybe it isn’t so much revisiting everything that has happened in our lives, as much as allowing God’s Spirit to direct us to the parts that can edify & encourage our hearers, & perhaps most importantly, give witness to the saving power of Jesus. I think this mainly because of time restrictions, I always tell bits & pieces of my testimony because it seems to be relevant to others, in what they may be experiencing. I don’t want to “entertain” anyone with my drama, but to provide the marvelous hope that Jesus gives, in salvation, & He is a Savior Who can save us from any situation! Now I am thinking of your friend in the cornfield who just wrote about compulsive talking, ha,ha that is sure me at times, & everyone, I am sure, at times! If you think about it, blogging could be considered compulsive, since it’s one sided by nature. Just maybe, we should ask God if we should LISTEN for awhile…maybe there is something to be learned??? However, I found much wisdom in his blog & I will read more there later. God is with you my friend, keep writing…it’s good! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

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