five minute friday_tell

I have a story to tell, but the weight of it is so heavy I worry it will make you feel sad the way it makes me feel sad.

I think my story is worth telling, not because it is particularly special, not because I want you to feel sorry for me, not to feel sorry for myself.

I tell my story to purge the darkness that’s been laying in my heart like thick black crude oil that’s been suffocating me all my life, like an oil spill that threatens to suffocate all of God’s beautiful creatures caught in its wake, that if you have a similar story to tell, you might find the courage to tell your story because you are not alone.

But bare with me as I tell it in bits and pieces so I don’t overwhelm you or even me in the telling.

His… Michelle

It’s five minute friday, the day we write fast, unedited thoughts that spill from our brains, united in writing about a single word.


15 thoughts on “five minute friday_tell

    • I will Lisa. More and more I realize the telling is not just for me. It’s an offering to the Lord, a giving away of what I’ve held close.

  1. This is the word that came to me from the Word when I read this post:

    “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” Romans 12:15

    So yes, tell your story, and we (I) will listen. And in the telling, we will share in the pain and the sadness – for then we can help heal one another in His name.


    • Thanks Sharon. I’m not trying to forget my past, just get to the place where it doesn’t hurt me anymore because I am who I am because of and despite my past.

  2. Aren’t we all? The getting to the point, the nub of what hurts, is not so easy. It is an elusive lurker in the background; the cause of so much hidden pain. It is the catalyst if we but knew how to set the whole sequence in motion. I discovered my daily journal (started a lifetime ago) eventually became the open sesame, but it took almost all my life to find that particular key.

  3. i love this and the picture of an oil spill how it devastates everything. it is so true of the pain and poison we’ve endured because of sin and this fallen world . we all carry some poison in our soul. and you are right …too much to tell and we are spent and others too…but telling in the little bits and pieces. thanks!

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