smashing mirrors

I’m obsessed with selfies but I don’t know why? I take 75 photos of me just to get the perfect picture. I’m not even exaggerating.

And then the perfect shot isn’t even perfect. I see every line, wrinkle, blemish, dark spot. I see time doing what it does best, breaking down, dragging down, changing my features, aging my physical appearance. I cry no fair because in my brain I am not my chronological age, I am ageless, young, carefree, happy.

If I had a hammer, I’d destroy all the mirrors in the world. I am too vain. I stop to gaze at my image in almost every reflective surface I come across, addicted to my own appearance yet hating the image I see.

If only I were taller, younger, prettier, thinner. Oh why did God give us a shell to wear?

How do I break free of this image obsession? I look so much better IRL than in photos, living, animated, expressing emotion.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who’s the fairest of them all?
Oh Michelle there is but one
Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.

His… Michelle

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10 thoughts on “smashing mirrors

  1. I’m with Lisa – I also think you’re adorable. But yes, I do get the thing with mirrors. I have found myself lately pulling up my cheeks and jowls – just a little bit – and then bemoaning how old I look when I let go.

    I’m just hoping that some way or the other that as I grow older, God is somehow working on that inner beauty, and that that is what will shine in my face. I’m not a fan of my reflection, but I sure want to reflect The Son!!


  2. i think this is a struggle most can relate to, at least i know i can. thank you for sharing your heart here so that others can know that deep understanding that comes from a “me too!”

  3. Hi love…you are making relationships for eternity…where it appears so to you or not at this juncture in life. Know that you are loved and joy of knowing you…as we worked along side each other in Haiti, shared God’s calling on our lives and imbibed the joy of being servants together. The struggles of being and emerging will never eclipse the purposes for which your are ordained in life. Keep your eyes focused on Christ and let the beauty of HIS love embrace your inner most parts, even as they do now. Much love…a sister for eternity! Renee McDannel…remember me?

  4. I hear you Michelle! That vanity… I’m a sufferer too. And I can’t stand it!

    So glad you shared with Salt & Light, I enjoyed this one


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