five minute friday_fill

Sometimes you have to go to empty places to understand how much you need to be filled, to discover you’re bankrupt.

Iowa stretches out in front of me, rolling fields, big sky, quiet that is so quiet it’s loud. This place is opposite of my place.

In the quiet I have discovered my emptiness, how I desperately fill the holes with noise, distraction, things, busyness, anything that will allow me to not think because for me thinking is dangerous.

So I keep moving, running, avoiding, replacing bad coping mechanisms with the socially acceptable, but still running away nevertheless.

Oh how I long to be filled.

His… Michelle

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12 thoughts on “five minute friday_fill

  1. For years I’ve contended one (not the only) reason people have their radio on all the time is to do this very same thing…(keeps them distracted from the inner pain and fill their brain with noise) Back in the late 1980’s I came to the place where I basically realized I had the same void in my life. I had been a believer for about 6 or 7 years @ that point, active in ministry and yet inwardly I was dry. Scripture says “out of our hearts will flow Rivers of living water”….and @ that point in my life, there was barely a trickle. It was a turning point in my inner world. I cried out to God for him to show me what that looked like…and he did….you’re talking about experiencing the very life of Jesus, not religion, or us mimicking Jesus, but Jesus himself living his life through us. Now that is New Testament Christianity. Do I always access this connection perfectly? no 😉 but I have experienced it for weeks and months on end, so I know when something is not in order. It is good to finally meet you in person Michelle! DM

  2. I think we’re all guilty of this to some degree…keep listening. Keep looking. Keep praying. Stay open. Slow down. Keeping you in thought and prayer.

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