About that tax bill

The Lord says if I have faith to move mountains I can move mountains. I had that kind of faith one time.

It was 2005. I was a brand new Jesus follower with eyes to see and ears to hear.

But I was a heavy drinker. I was drinking like 16oz of rum with a splash of diet coke everyday. Yes. Every. Single. Day.

The thing is though, I didn’t want to drink anymore. Hadn’t wanted to drink for like 2 years by then. But I was addicted.

Three weeks after asking the Lord to save me, I got to the end of yet one more bottle of rum. But this time? I cried out to the Lord to make it stop, this need, this addiction. Please God, get me through this one night without alcohol. I just know it’ll be finished. I can’t make it stop but you can!

The next morning I felt free! The weight of the world lifted off my shoulders! I never needed a drink again after this! Praise the Lord!!!

I had faith to move a mountain that night and the mountain was thrown into the sea.

My most recent mountain was the IRS. Emphasis on was! They were trying to get me to pay a tax bill I didn’t owe because I company I worked for reported income I didn’t earn. A lot of income.

At first, I was terrified! But soon realized I was in the right and that the Lord word fight the battle for me. So I cried out to him again. I can’t fix this problem with the IRS God, but I know you can! And fix it he did! Praise and glory to God!!!

And so life goes. And I add this answered prayer to my book of answered prayers so when I don’t have faith to move mountains, which happens more often than not, I can look back and remember.

When I remember the goodness of God and all he’s brought me through I will have strength to keep running the race.

It’s all circular. God is good all the time.

His… Michelle


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  1. Hi Micey, just thought you’d like to know…. I too have some ‘tax’ issues was getting discouraged about whether I’d ever get them sorted out despite hours of work… but decided to ‘press on’… THEN having made that decision, I came across your post! I’m quite sure God got you to write it when you did , so I’d be encouraged by it just when I needed to be (grin)

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