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It’s that day of the week where we throw caution to the wind, we share truth, we share stories, we write for 5 minutes without too much thought for spelling or grammar or editing. But Lisa-Jo is off in the great white north with her peeps so the link up this week is being hosted by Crystal Stine. Join up! And remember to leave some blog love with your neighbors. Happy Friday people!

The word this week is belong.


Belonging. I’m not a very social creature. I don’t like parties or crowds or festivals. I like to be in my tiny apartment reading, writing, watching movies, listening to music, playing my ukulele.


Getting on Facebook, seeing all the fun activities of friends, not being invited, makes me sad. Oh, I probably won’t attend an event, socializing drains me and leaves me exhausted, but it would still be nice to be invited. Invitation means you know I am here, care about me in some way, makes me feel like I belong. But I don’t get invited to many things. I used to think it was because nobody really liked me. It used to hurt me. A. Lot.

Until I met Jesus.

His love changed my perception, made me realize I am okay as is, that I probably don’t get invited simply because I usually RSVP no, not because nobody likes me, and as many folks here and IRL point out when I try to feel sorry for myself. I have friends!

Jesus invited me. With His invitation I know I am enough. I am loved. I belong.


His… Michelle



14 thoughts on “five minute friday_belong

  1. Yes! I am right there with you. Thank the Lord for His acceptance, His love, and yes, His invitation–the only one that matters in the long run.

  2. Dear Micey
    That feeling that you are not important and nobody cares is just what about all of us feel at some stage. I know now that it is not good for my heart to believe this lie from the evil one! Like you said that when we live in Jesus, we truly are never alone for nothing can ever separate us from His love.
    Blessings XX

  3. Oh, yes – this so describes me! “Jesus invited me. With His invitation I know I am enough. I am loved. I belong.” — words I needed to hear!

    Visiting from FMF – Sarah Jo

  4. Loved this – (and your selfie!) I have had many times when I felt like I didn’t belong, or that I was being snubbed or rejected, or that no one cared about me. But then, I remember…

    The Man of Sorrows understands. And He loves me just the way I am. He’s my Friend. And my name is written in His Book of Life.

    You too!!


  5. i loved that you get that the reason is because you probably rsvp “no”. thats great. so often we don’t admit that. I love your hair!

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