The one about crashing

I crashed my bike today. Oh it was a silly thing I could have avoided. If I would have just left my keys alone, it wouldn’t have happened. They don’t call them accidents because we plan them though do they?

The first thing my brain registered after the crash was pain in my right elbow. I discovered a great big abrasion and goose egg. Next a sat there on the sidewalk by the beach assessing the damage. My right arm felt strained. I bumped my head too, but nothing hard.

Next up, I checked the bike itself. The chain was popped and my right hand got blackened by grease to put that puppy back in place.

After all this drama, I decided to ride home. Once I got here and washed the grease off my hand (Dawn dish washing liquid works great for this), I realized my right shoulder joint was paining me too. And my right hip took a hit. And my left knee took a hit. So I decided to take the day off from work where most of my day is spent lifting, pulling, and pushing heavy things.

If one looks at these mishaps from an optimistic point of view instead of a pessimistic point of view, then I wonder what was waiting further down the road?

What I do know is God knows. And it’s because of my faith in his sovereignty that I’ll get back on the bike tomorrow and keep riding. I have a very important mission to complete.

But first, I have to get this bike to the shop and have the brakes adjusted!

His… Michelle

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10 thoughts on “The one about crashing

  1. Hi Michelle
    Oh, and at our age, the body doesn’t take kindly to these kind of falls!! Hope you are healed now.
    Blessings XX

  2. Oh no! How awful! I’m glad to hear that you weren’t more seriously hurt. And that you did the wise thing and took a day off work.

    Yes, sometimes *life* hits us with unexpected curveballs, but God is with us. After all, every moment is already on His calendar!


  3. Michelle,
    Ouch! So sorry…I read you are feeling better in the comments….you’re right, God is with you…and I’m praying right now for you to recover….you’re a nurse,right? so I’m guessing you’ve iced it….just be open to resting, okay? if possible….

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