five minute friday_exhale

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This week, the word is exhale.


It’s noisy in my head. I should know, it’s been with me for 51 years. I absorb and absorb and absorb until my head just might actually explode.

What are you absorbing? Well, basically everything.

This week I realized my brain has only so much space for absorption before it spills over onto the floor. I simply cannot deal with more than 2 or 3 things at a time.

The real problem lies in trying to make people stop and understand this about me. I’m not having much success in the verbal communication department. Another problem I’ve had for 51 years.

So when I get tossed into an OR with 2 surgeons doing 2 cases at the same time on 1 patient in a room the size of my tiny studio apartment with every piece of furniture but the kitchen sink and you want to put your sitting stool in the only 12 inch pathway in the room, we might just have a problem. My head might actually explode.

When all is said and done, the patient successfully delivered to the recovery room, I exhale. It’s in that moment I realize I might actually have been holding my breath for 4 hours and it might really be a good idea after all to seek counseling.


His… Michelle



4 thoughts on “five minute friday_exhale

  1. Classic – and thanks for the American explanation of theater nurse – I’d never heard that. I admire what you do. I have been blessed by several fantastic nurses in these past few years of caring for my mom. Great post…I could almost feel you exhaling at the end. Stopping by from FMF.

    • Hi Lisa. I believe everyone outside the USA calls it the theater. I believe we used to call it that in the 19th century? Because it really was. It even had stadium seating. Haha! Thanks for reading!

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