Summer time and the livin’s easy

Oh the 90s. It was a good decade in my life. My boys were little. They loved me unconditionally, didn’t yet see me for my flaws and failings, didn’t know I wasn’t speaking to God, looked up to me for everything.

Some of our best vacations took place over those 90s summer times. Summer time and the livin’s easy. Camping at the beach was our favorite thing to do.

There was the time we went to camp at the beach in Delaware. One jeep. One tent. One 3 year old. One 8 year old. The 3 year old screaming in the shower as I rinsed the sand off his little body. Digging giant holes in the sand. Falling down on the last day and getting boo boos and me, a nurse, with no first aide kit! Hopping on a boat to go look at dolphins.

Or the time we went to Virginia Beach. One jeep. One tent. One 7 year old. One little sister. One little dog. Sister being a good back seat driver by screaming stop at the top of her lungs when We were half a mile from the red light! Teaching the same sister how to drive standard on the jeep in the campground. Being woken at 3am by yet again the same sister because she heard a noise. The noise? A sassy raccoon eating the little dog’s food. Chasing after the raccoon when he stole the entire food bowl and ran into the bush! Saving the night by retrieving the food bowl.

Then there was another camping trip to Virginia Beach. One jeep. One bigger tent. Two little dogs. One 9 year old. One 14 year old. Bee stings. Throwing the little dogs into the tent so we could take off to the beach for the day. Returning to find the same little dogs outside the tent, sitting atop the picnic table waiting for us. How did that happen? Putting them back in the tent. Sneaking away to wait for what they would do. Watching the chihuahua (who I always thought was a wee bit daft) take his little button nose to patiently open the zipper on the tent to escape! Haha!

Oh those camping trips. Such sweet memories of fun, family. Ocean breezes. Cool nights. Campfires. Roasting marshmallows.

Isn’t it amazing that even though I wasn’t speaking to God in those days, his goodness and mercy and love still applied? To me. To my boys.

I am remembering forward. Knowing what I know now these sweet vacation memories are even more sweet because they let me praise God even more than before.

Hosanna in the highest! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

His… Michelle

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12 thoughts on “Summer time and the livin’s easy

  1. I love the part about the chihuahua! Dogs can be so smart!

    And you’re so right about the goodness and grace of God following us even when we walk away. Thank you for this beautiful reminder! (Visiting from The High Calling)

  2. I love camping trips! But we have this little ol’ camper. No actual “tent.” So do we still get to call in camping? I suppose we should venture out in a tent and give it a whirl. Maybe we’ll practice in the back yard first. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, Michelle — both at The High Calling and at #TellHisStory!

  3. Good times, Micey. God’s Grace is sweet even when we don’t realize we are receiving it. Looking back on my own life, I know this is true. Your post reminded me to be very thankful for that grace.

  4. I have some good memories of camping from when I was younger. My husband and I don’t really camp, but there is something so alluring about a tent, a fire, the great outdoors, especially on a beach. I love that you can look back and see God’s hand of mercy always there.

  5. How lovely to repeat these trips with variation, each outing offering its own unique twist. We tent-camped from 1995 to 1999, then invested in a pop-up which we used until two years ago when we happened upon an incredible deal on a used RV. All those vacations. All those bugs. All the screaming, squealing, arguments and laughter. Ah, all the memories. It’s so good to see it all reflected back to you in the rearview mirror–the kids and the Chihuahua and the raccoon and the dolphins–isn’t it?

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