Christ died for us


We are unable to help ourselves. We were enemies of God. Christ died for us anyway! God loves us so much he died for us despite our hatred, despite our being his enemies.

This truth is breathtaking, stunning, humbling like nothing else. He died for me knowing full well how much I was going to hate him from 1980 through most of 2005! That’s 26 years!

Oh my God. How? Why? I am so undeserving of this great love. Yet I gladly lay my life down to accept your kindness, love, and mercy. When I think about these words I am astounded by your grace! I fall on my face to worship you, crying tears of joy to be included in your family as your own child. Thank you! Don’t ever let me forget you again. Don’t ever let me wander off again. Here’s my heart, oh take and seal it! I love you Jesus!!! Amen.

His… Michelle

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6 thoughts on “Christ died for us

  1. Yes, yes, YES! It really is amazing, isn’t it, how much He loves us. While we were sinners, enemies, helpless and hopeless – HE did something. The ultimate something. He died for us because He loved us.

    I’m with you – it never ceases to stop me in my tracks…


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