Father’s Day

As many of you kind folks know, my dad passed away many years ago when I was a child. Growing up without a dad is rough. Dads have a special role in raising and influencing their children. I missed out on so much.

This Father’s Day, I remembered a favorite childhood activity with my dad and his favorite brother. The memory came as the result of the recent acquisition of an awesome flea ukulele.

When I was very small, mom was in a bowling league on Fridays. So most Fridays dad would pack up me and my brother to go hang out at Uncle Mike’s house. I always had so much fun on these visits. I have three male cousins who lost their mom when they were super little. Love those guys so much!

One of the Friday night traditions was to gather around dad and Uncle Mike to sing songs, camping style. Dad and Uncle Mike both played the acoustic guitar. Uncle Mike had a real gift. He could play flamenco style. But dad was no slouch. He was the backup guitarist.

I loved those men so much. Uncle Mike passed away a little more than 10 years ago. They passed their love for folk music on to me. I play the ukulele because of them. It was a half century in the making, but the dream has been a lifetime.

So, in memory of the two best men from my childhood I leave you with one of our favorite folk songs.

Happy Father’s Day to all the ones who remain!

His… Michelle

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  1. We pushed “like” but we loved it! Can’t wait to meet you in person. 😉 Be sure to bring your ukulele! D and M.

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