He put a dream in my heart

I can’t stop thinking about Mercy Ships today. Well who am I kidding? I think about them nearly everyday. I left a piece of my heart with them. I’m praying about them. I don’t think I am done with them yet. From this side of the Atlantic or that side. I sent an email of inquiry to see if I might be able to go back next year. We shall see what the Lord has in mind. After all, He put this dream in my heart.

In the meantime, I want to share with you my dream of riding my bicycle to raise awareness and money for surgeries on the ship.

My journey with Mercy Ships began in 2011 when I applied to volunteer on the Africa Mercy, a non governmental civilian hospital ship that provides surgery completely free of charge to the poorest of the poor in West Africa.

After being accepted, I spent 10 amazing months working in the operating room in the West African nations of Guinea and Republic of Congo. There isn’t enough space here to describe how awesome it was to see the lives of so many men, women, and children transformed by the smallest gestures of love and acceptance, life giving, and life saving surgery.

In the process of moving overseas, I sold my car. When I came home, I decided to buy a bicycle for transportation. Then I decided to get fit on the bike as well. Then I thought, why just ride for the sake of riding? Why not ride for a cause?

So this year, I’m going on a crazy missionary adventure from Key Largo to Key West, Florida. I’ll be riding 216 miles round trip over 4 days from Key Largo to mile marker 0 in Key West then back to Key Largo to raise awareness and support for Mercy Ships. This ride will take place from 11/10/14 through 11/13/14.

The goal? Raise lots of money to help offset the cost of the many surgeries provided on the ship during each field service. Each surgery costs anywhere from $250-$750.

So how is this going to work Michelle? Good question!

I would like you to sponsor me for one mile of my journey. If you choose to sponsor mile 1, you donate $1. Mile 33, you donate $33. Mile 201, you donate $201. Get the idea?

Then I would like you to share this with everybody you know and spread the word about Mercy Ships.

Want to ride along and raise money for Mercy Ships too? Great! Join my team!

Want to participate, but don’t want to sweat on purpose? I understand. I could use someone with a vehicle to carry supplies. Contact me!

Know someone in the Keys with a couch or floor to crash on? Fantastic! Send me their contact details.

Most importantly, pray for safety, amazingly good weather, and lots of folks to hear the story of Mercy Ships!

All the money raised will go to Mercy Ships. Every. Single. Dollar.

Please join me for this fantastic trip! And thanks for your support!

4 days. 216 miles. 4 Mercy Ships.

His… Michelle

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6 thoughts on “He put a dream in my heart

  1. Wow, Michelle! Don’t you love when God puts a call on our lives, ignites a specific passion deep in our souls?

    So honored to rub shoulders with you today from Kelli’s …

  2. will surely be praying – either from here, or from Africa if we’ve already left.
    What an awesome God given dream!

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