He is close to me

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The word this week is close.


One of the first things I noticed after returning to the Lord was how close He is to me when I am physically moving about. I mean I literally feel His presence with me when I am traveling.

It doesn’t matter where I am going or the mode of transportation.

When I fly, I feel His hands lifting and moving the plane, holding it safely in the air.

When I drive, I feel a force field around my vehicle that repels other vehicles from mine.

When I cycle, I feel the Lord next to me, between me and the traffic, holding out His hand to keep the cars safely away from me.

He is with me, always close, keeping me safe. This is a totally amazing feeling, bringing with it peace and confidence like nothing else.


I’m curious, does this happen to you?

His… Michelle

I know it’s Sunday, but better late than never. 😊