Getting it right?

The great basis of Christian assurance is not how much our hearts are set on God, but how unshakably his heart is set on us. Tim Keller

Romans 9:30-10:17

Righteousness is something we crave, pursue, need, want. But how do we get right? We can pursue righteousness ourselves or simply receive it. The root cause of my tiredness is trying to get right with God by pursuing works.

The law offends us because it tells us what to do. Grace offends us because it tells us there’s nothing we can do. Tullian Tchvidjian

We are natural born do it yourselfers. We exchanged “it is finished” with “just do it”.

I need to stop asking God “what should I do to be right?” and acknowledge there is nothing I can do apart from him. My righteousness was earned for me and given to me by Jesus. Because Jesus is right I’m free to get stuff wrong.

Jesus takes all our wrong down into the forgetery of his death. Robert Capon

This is why I need to hear the gospel over and over and over again! How about you?

His… Michelle

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Happy Mother’s Day!


10 thoughts on “Getting it right?

  1. I just heard Tullian on the radio this morning here in Wyoming. I think the difference between law & grace is love! I really like reading here! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  2. Yes, I need to hear the message of grace over and over again. It is a sweet perfume that sometimes gets masked by the *stinkiness* of life! I especially loved that first quote. Isn’t it amazing that God is in love with us?! Delighted in us?! Sigh.

    Hoping you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! That photo of you and the boys is priceless!


    • Hi Sharon! Thank you for your kind words. That photo is circa 1995ish? I’m such a poor keeper of nostalgia. I should have dated it. It seems prehistoric now because it was taken with a real camera with real film. Haha.

  3. ” … the forgetery of his death.” oh my. stunning words.

    This is a breath of fresh air. Thank you, Michelle. I really like what I’ve been reading here.

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