Death is so so offensive

Thank you so much for staying with me Friday Michelle. You know she died the next day? was the greeting I received today as I walked into the locker room.

What!? I was totally taken aback. I just did not see that coming. She died!? I usually get a sense about these things. It’s not something I enjoy. But not with this girl. Not this beautiful disaster.

The details are vague. Apparently, she began hemorrhaging again. She came back to surgery for an emergency splenectomy, stabilized again, but during the evening tanked and died during resuscitation.

The news actually dropped me into a chair. How could this be God? Surely you heard my prayer that day? What bothers me, what breaks my heart most is not knowing her eternal outcome. I know I’m supposed to trust God for those, but man it’s hard. Then I remembered Sunday, the verses out of Romans 9, God’s sovereign choice.

Still, it breaks my heart that a 21 year old drug addict, a virtual stranger lost a baby one minute and her life practically the next minute. How could this happen? What happened in this poor girl’s life to lead her here? Did she not have even one person to love her? Really love her?

This is so senseless to me. I feel like I should do something. But what or how? I do not know. The Lord is doing something in my heart. He’s letting me see things I haven’t seen before. At risk youth.

Do you think if this girl had just one person, one, invest in her life, she would have had a different outcome? I think yes. But I also know she could have had bunches of people pulling for her. You still have to want to change, want to live, want to get better.

God is up to something. He’s got my attention.

His… Michelle

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12 thoughts on “Death is so so offensive

  1. Don’t buy into selective salvation. God is FAR bigger than that. His mercy endures forever. “For as in Adam all die, so in Christ ALL will be made alive.” (1 Cor 15:22). “Consequently, just as the result of one trespass was condemnation for all men, so also the result of one act of righteousness was justification that brings life for ALL men.” (Rom 5:18).. In the end there will be one flock, one shepherd, no lost sheep. That is the gospel.

    • One can certainly hope this is true. Nothing is impossible for God. But I do believe people go to their graves blatantly rejecting God. I do think there are those who are eternally separated from God. I guess we won’t know for sure until we get there. ❤️

  2. dang. reading this feel like I just punched in the gut. Can’t imagine how it feels for you. (or God) Hadn’t read that post yet about the girl when she came in. Not sure what to say to you Michelle. thank you for being you.

  3. How tragic–it’s so easy to judge others from our comfy little spot on earth–and so hard to remember that it could be us. I work with at-risk youth. It’s a challenge and an honor. And some days, I need a lot of patience :).

    • Hi Anita! Thanks for reading. Gosh I really do believe God is leading me down a path to do something with at risk youth. He’s laying a trail of breadcrumbs in front of me. It’s all the stories jumping out at me right now, this poor girl’s story, my own older son’s story. So many little things seem to be pulling me toward a bigger thing.

  4. Hi Michelle, I’m devastated just reading this. I can’t imagine your grief and questions I do know uses situations to as you already understand…”get our attention”. I pray you find His peace and grow stronger as you continue the calling on your life. Be blessed. Visiting from Tell his Story.

  5. I’m a first time visitor and I can’t tell you how this touched my heart. You’re right . . . death is so so offensive. It makes me want to shout out His grace and mercy. Jesus is our hope and our future.

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