Street cred +1.

A year ago I was on the Africa Mercy in Conakry, Guinea, west Africa. Having breakfast with the lovely Catherine Clark Murphy and several other girls. I just turned the big 5-0. She told me I now had street cred. It really made me smile and it’s something I’ve held onto all year.

It’s my birthday.

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. Today I start a new year. Since I don’t know what the new year holds, I’ll reflect on the year of 50.

What a year it’s been. Ups. Downs. Excitement. Ordinary.

I spent half a year in Africa! Crazy! I learned things about nations, peoples, cultures I never knew before. I learned how to be a receptionist. I learned it’s a very challenging job for a girl who is less than a people person. I got to speak Spanish on purpose all summer. I learned I need more stability and sameness than I thought, that saying goodbye all the time was too painful.

Coming home was hard. I had a plan for my life, but God directs my steps. Finding out my square peg didn’t fit into the ship hole was unbelievably discouraging. But it doesn’t make me less valuable or less lovable as a person. I’m not wrong, just different.

The last six months have been focused on taking care of me, regrouping, getting fit for the first time in 15 years, ministering to my boys, focusing on God, resting, learning to be okay being ordinary.

Overall, I give the year of 50 two thumbs up. I am alive. My Redeemer lives and I know I will see Him in the land of the living!

Happy Birthday to me!

His… Michelle


4 thoughts on “050114

  1. Happy Birthday!! Oh, how I hope you have the best one ever!

    This year marks my 60th – YIKES! I have struggled with this one – the first one that really sounds *old* to me. But, it’s all about serving the Lord with everything we’ve got. And in that, at any age, you and I are pressing on.


  2. Happy belated Birthday Michelle, I hope it was extra special for you. Liking your hair black, nice change. Enjoy the aging, it’s actually quite nice!

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