Angry at her own predicament, someone tried to throw me under the bus today.

It hurt my feelings. I have been angry about it off and on throughout the day.

I want to disclose all the details.

But the Holy Spirit keeps saying Forgive her. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.

In my imagination I stomp my foot and say Not fair!

But the Holy Spirit just says it again.


His… Michelle


6 thoughts on “042914

  1. Well I reckon God gave us humans a brain. There was no excuse for Adam and Eve when they stuffed up so my response would be to report the person so they are not a threat to any other innocent person. I reckon God would respect that aspect of politics, and one that would help your fellowman 🙂 You can still forgive the person but accountability is also in order.

    • Sadly Pete, the person was actually reported to me by the manager. (Not very professional when I think about it after the fact.) But then what can be expected from a bunch of sinners. (Myself included.)

  2. You know, the only thing that helps me gain perspective is I think God must look at me and my shortcomings sometimes and think to Himself, “People!”

    Ya know?!?


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